iTolt Training Center

"A Farm on loan from God" "Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" Eph 6:7

About Us

We are currently renting a facility in Madison Township (not far from the county line) after loosing our own farm in December 2014. The Lord is still on the throne, He is still awesome and guides and puts us where He wants us to be. At this time, this is where He wants us and I'm blessed to be here. Of course this loss was a big one and caused lots of heart break for us and our beloved clients. We feel the Lord has given us another chance at this smaller facility and we are striving to make it a safe and fun place for the family and their horses. We have implemented a paddock paradise for the horses here and they are loving it! I in 2017 I became a horse adviser for Miami Producers 4-H Club and have been almost consumed with educating them and helping them with their project horses. What a great thing 4-H is for our kids!   

Our own farm had been purchased after many years of boarding and dreaming of having a place of our own. I personally boarded from 1984 to 2002 when we purchased our farm. I had worked for most of the boarding barns in order to maintain multiple horses and have learned so much from each of these experiences from what to do to, and what not to do. I lived and worked at a 32 stall facility for four years prior to getting married and that provided me lots of fresh ideas to start our farm with. I have had my horses home twice but continued to board to maintain use of an indoor arena during winter months.

My name is Jennifer Shimp. My husband is John. This is our new facility. I love caring for the horses and owners entrusted to my care! I strive to meet the needs of those who call this farm "home". Come and visit us at our new facility and see the contented horses who live here.


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